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the start...

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We discovered that...

55% of Londoners have experienced feelings of loneliness, making it one of the loneliest cities in the world.

City Index Survey (2017)

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33% of Londoners have said they are doing significantly less sport now than before.

Sport England Survey (2020)

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Did you know?

25% of adults do not engage in the recommended amount of daily physical activity.

World Health Organisation (2019)

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On top of that...

51% of adults said lack of motivation prevents them from working out.

Student Survey (2021)

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We set out to learn..

What can we do about this?

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A key insight we discovered...

95% of people who join a weight-loss program with friends are more likely to finish it.

National Library of Medicine

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In addition...

Social relationships and mutual support in physical activities can assist everyday physical and mental health problems.

Journal of Mental Health (2018)


And finally...

Fun is the key to making fitness enjoyable and increases the likelihood of regular exercise. 

Credit: Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

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Therefore we started...


What do we do?

We have created an exciting social platform, taking interactive workouts to the next level.


How do we do that?

Each of our workout games bring an exciting twist to every session. You can never get bored!


Oh and did we tell you...

HiiT ME UP was developed in partnership with

experienced HIIT instructors.


And who are we?

Four passionate Design Engineers

from Imperial College London

We care about making fitness more accessible and fun for our communities, helping to bring like minded people together, make friends and get some awesome exercise in the process.

Our goal is to make people happier and healthier and we hope you are on board!

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